Making copies of the disc

Please make copies of the disc and give them out to everyone. Here is one way of making copies on computers running Microsoft Windows:
  1. Download and install the ImgBurn software. Download setup file and run & install it.

  2. Burn the ISO image to DVD disc(s). Run the installed ImgBurn software.

    a) Click "Write image file to disc":

    b) Click the button next to "Please select a file..." in the top left corner and select the Nazi Banksters' Crimes ISO image from where you have saved it.

    c) Press the large button in the bottom left area of the window that looks like a piece of paper with a disc on it and an arrow pointing to a disc.

After a while, you should hopefully have a fresh copy of the film to give out!

Link back to: - The Nazi Banksters' Ripple Effect