JForJustice V for Vendetta or J for Justice?

Richard's Testimonials about Muad'Dib's bullet-proof defence:-


In the year 2008 to 2009 I had reason to claim tax credits. As it turns out, an HMRC adjudication civil servant decided that I was not entitled to this and started the harrassment process of debt collection/debt recovery process for 1928.45.

The initial strategy that I employed was to post the entire letter back to them using the Return to Sender no contract strategy. This strategy allowed me to catch my breath. However the letters kept arriving every three or six months and would not go away.

As I have since read the book The Way Home Or Face The Fire by JAH my whole outlook on reality has changed, in terms of how I see myself, the world and the future. I wrote to HMRC asking them to look at the decision to see if it could be changed. In addition i stated in the letter that if they decided to take me to court, then that would be fine, as I sent them a copy of Muad'Dib's Challenge Document with my national insurance number, name v Regina and the reference number to the debt harrassment account.

After a considerable period of time I recieved a harrassment telephone call asking to speak to me. Of course I did not wish to contract with them over the phone. The next thing I have received was a letter waffling on about how sorry they were for the delay in replying to me, "the overpayment arose, because we did not meet all our responsibilities as set out in our code of practice 26. You do not have to repay this overpayment and I have updated our records with this decision."

It is clear that HMRC are using the strategy of the Emu bird and burying their head in the sand, cancelling the debt and attempting not to acknowlege receipt or make any reference to the Challenge Document. It is also clear that the Government know fine well what the implications are for them, with the Jurisdiction Challenge Document. They know that the author of the jurisdiction challenge is The Lord.

I would like to say a huge and very grateful thank-you to the Lord for giving me permission to use the challenge document to attack the Goliath of HMRC and their oppressive bullying, overbearing harrassment, obscene debt-recovery tactics. This challenge to the juristiction of the crown is a Light Sabre cutting through the wicked darkness of the Satanist Regina's Regime.

Thank-you Lord


Dear Muad'Dib I would like to thank you very much for giving me permission to use your challenge document and to introduce this into Scotland through the HM Courts Tribunal Social Security Appeals Service.

It is important to point out the difference in this case as the defence' document was used as a counter attack' document to their decision based on their legislation. A brief outline of the case: the Department of Work & Pensions (DWP) headed by the infamous minister Ian Duncan Smith MP, decided to disallow my back dated claim of twelve days on job-seekers allowance (JSA) even though I satisfied the labour market (slave system) criterion for JSA. They disallowed my claim under their legislation, stating I did not claim straight away. These blatant, unlawful, bullying and bludgeoning benefits cut tactics by the DWP must be resisted. Lucky for me I have read The Way home or face The Fire, was aware of the jurisdiction challenge and the reason for taking up this fight.

This should be used by everyone under attack from Mr. Ian Duncan Smith (Dunky) department. I sent them off a letter asking the civil servants at the benefit decision making office in Coatbridge to look at the decision again to see if it could be changed and if not, to then forward it onto the next stage of appeal. I also with Muad'Dib's permission sent them a copy of the challenge document with my name and national insurance number Vs Elizabeth Battenberg Regina QE2.

Immediately the DWP staff replied by letter they could not change this decision and put it straight to appeal. This began an interesting and educational experience with the staff at the tribunal service. They sent copies of all the documentation to the judge, along with my representative (Steve) and me. We were all equipped with a copy of the defence document, my initial letter of appeal and a written transcript of the initial claim conversation over the phone to claim JSA. The first thing that struck me was that the whole appeals process is designed to put people off from appealing their evil decisions.

To support our evidence in the appeals process a DVD player, an overhead projector, along with a TV monitor was requested. We also asked that Mr Ian Duncan Smith, QE2 and Mr Ian Hamilton the author of The Stone of Destiny be invited along to the tribunal in order to give evidence. We had written confirmation by Mrs Crowley, a clerk to the tribunal service, assuring us that we would in fact be given the opportunity to state our case and the DVD and TV monitor would be available for our use, however, that we could not get an overhead projector.

When we turned up on the day at the allocated time at Hamilton Centre Town, the tribunal judge, a Mr Scobbie, said that he would not be entertaining any talk of the Stone of Destiny or any legalities regarding the sovereignty of the Queen. In addition he would not allow my representative (Stevie) to outline my case, this is because he was bricking it incase Steve wiped the floor with him using the defence document.

The judge, showing signs of anxiety, was shouting and shaking with fear. It was clear that he had read through the defence document and it had rather unsettled him. It was clear that he had been told by his government departmental masters, not to allow under any circumstances this challenge. Or give it life or any credibility. His eyes were bulging out of his head. He was probably warned by (DUNKY) and this was why he was shaking. In addition The I AM my Lord was helping me with what to say. I did not worry myself before hand as the Lord was going to and did speak through me.

We put forward the most logical argument about why I should be paid the benefit. That is, I was too busy looking for work. Didn't know I couldn't backdate and was misinformed by the DWP civil servant who said it was reasonable to backdate a claim on the grounds that I was looking for work.

I explained to the judge that I had a problem with the legislation in question here. In this case The Social Security Act 1988, I pointed out that the legislation was unlawful and therefore I was challenging the jurisdiction of the court and the judge because of this. Deuteronomy 4:2 and ye shall not add thereto nor diminish ought from these Laws that I give you this day'.

Moses also teaches not to respect judges. I demanded that the notes and minutes of this case take note that the jurisdiction of the court tribunal appeal was challenged. The judge conceded to do this. By doing this he has acknowledged that the jurisdiction of himself and the court was challenged. He then decided he had jurisdiction and judged the case anyway.

They really are running scared of Muad Dib's Challenge Document. My appeal was allowed. I have had a letter from Mrs Crowley the clerk to the tribunal claiming that Mr Scobbie did not know about the DVD player. He knew just fine about them. She says as I won my appeal, so it did not matter. They are all telling lies. They are scrambling to cover their backsides incase big Dunky comes up from London and give them a boot on it.

This bullet-proof defence document by Muad'Dib has got the establishment running for cover especially the jobs for the boys' tribunal monkey courts judges. They are absolutely terrified of the consequences of this taking root in the appeals tribunal service in general and the wider court system in particular. There is a lot at stake here for the Higherarchy enslaving us because they know who it is that is chapping their door and challenging them to their face in their face.

With the help of Muad' Dib and the I AM I was helped, patiently taught and instructed in how to: speak and calmly and quietly conduct myself at the hearing.

All oppressed poor people punished this way by the ruthless DWP and their despicable benefit cuts, benefit reductions, benefit deductions, or blatant disallowment of benefit decisions must appeal and use this wonderful document authored by Muad'Dib.

Jonnie's Testimonial about Muad'Dib's bullet-proof defence:-

Greetings Muad'Dib peace be with you,

wanted to give you an update on my battle with HM Tax and revenue in which they said I owed them £500, I also asked them what LAW requires me to pay a tax on my labour, after serving them notices which they don't obviously understand, I sent them the (me) vs HM REGINA the QUEEN doc, I received a letter back saying that I now do not owe them £500 on this occasion hmmm funny isn't it, I wonder how deep the rabbit hole goes.

take care


Yvon's Testimonial about Muad'Dib's bullet-proof defence:-

Hi Muad'Dib

Back from Court

Let me start by thanking you for supplying me with such valuable knowledge. I just could not find the time to get back to you before court.

It was a win but a bittersweet win. I did all I could for the past 2 year to keep the justice system from dropping the charges without them pronouncing themselves on something that could have been useful to us the people, but in vain.

Here is a resume of how it went.

The judge without asking, as usual, to identify myself started by asking if I was ready to proceed with preliminary inquest, to which I replied: no, that I was challenging their authority, specially, the jurisdiction of the Queen where all of their power came from.

At that point the judge told me he was going to end the reading of the roll and he would get back to me. I walked out while he was going through this. About 30 minutes later everybody walked out for what I was told was a 15mins break. When we went back in, the judge started with a case where the accused was not there, but was represented by a lawyer who was also challenging the jurisdiction of the court. The judge went, in-depth, through Supreme Court jurisprudence about the power of the judge in preliminary inquest. He ended by ordering the arrest and detainment of the accused, till he was brought before a judge.

The lawyer tried to say something, but the judge would not hear a word, and that was the end of that. The lawyer looked dumbfounded. (That lawyer was in court every time I was there since the second time, when the judge tried to get me to take him as my lawyer. They got him, on 2 other occasions, to try to deceive me into accepting their jurisdiction. After we'd speak he would walk in and plainly lie in my name. Did not work but they gave it a try).

Then they started proceeding with my case without calling me. (Guess they wanted to pull the same thing as the previous case with me). When I realized it was about me, I moved forward telling them I did not consent. Started by filing your "lawful Argument Against Jurisdiction & Sovereignty" of the Queen that the judge and crown read in its entirety. He (judge) went on to say that what he had been through for the previous case applied and he 'tried', at least started, to argue your file, trying to legitimize the role of government while downgrading the power of the queen, to find out I was not about to let him argue by himself, and that I knew what I was taking about. As soon as I mentioned the Constitution Act of 1867, and that it was never amended as to remove the power of the queen, it was the end of that discussion. I ended up telling him I wanted a jury of my peers to hear this because his powers came from the queen, so his authority was also in question, and I was not about to participate in anything else any longer.

Judge then decided to proceed with preliminary inquest restating SC jurisprudence that stated he was not there to judge, but only to see if the crown had a case they could bring to court and no matter what motion the accused had taken the preliminary inquiry must go on.

Judge then ORDERED me to stay in the court-room. At that point I reminded him he was the trustee, there to serve the people and I wanted the truth to be heard. They started divulging the proof, I just could not keep myself from making the cops and crown look stupid, so I opened my mouth. Told the judge I would ACT but under duress. I did too good, for OUR good, the cops and crown ended up with red faces and the judge mad at them for not filing the proof I lived in the house they busted. The hick! It was served to me (Bills in my name) but I did not have it with me and the judge would not let me confirm the fact, even if I spoke a lot louder them him.

In his final address, judge went on and on about the proof that was presented to him by the crown, then told me he had *taken the last part of my file in consideration* and dismissed the case, based on the fact it was all "oui dire", because the crown had not filed the proof I was residing in that house. AND ordered everything destroyed.

To which I objected, because I wanted my equipment back (400W and 1000W transformers and lights and a balance) to which the crown agreed.

Quoting the judge "Mr. Denis I have taken the last part of your file in consideration" Don't know what to make of this. They never called their witnesses, the whole thing looked like it was all planned in advance. It was a pathetic fallacy. Thanks again, very much appreciated. Hopefully I will get to meet and speak with you one day, it would be an honor.

May God be with you,


PS. I believe my brother now has the courage to move with your challenge in his case.

Daniel's Testimonial about Muad'Dib's bullet-proof defence:-

" It is now five years since one of the major defining moments in my life occurred, when I was able to see first-hand for myself, how afraid the 'System' is of Muad'dib and His rock-solid defence. An acquaintance of mine and myself were in my car one night, driving along and having a nice conversation, and passing a marijuana cigarette to and fro. We were flagged down by two Policy-enforcers ('policemen') impersonating Law-enforcers, who treated us like criminals and shouted at us to get out of my car. After hesitating, my acquaintance and I decided to step out of the car. The Policy-enforcers then searched my car, and found the nearly spent marijuana cigarette.

One of the two Policy-enforcers drove to the Policy-enforcer's Station in the transit van with my acquaintance in the van's passenger seat, whilst the other got into my car, in the car's passenger seat, and accompanied me as I drove to the Policy-enforcer's Station. I remember thinking, how come he's letting me drive if he believes that smoking marijuana before/whilst driving is dangerous? Wasn't he actually committing an offence under their legislation in aiding and abetting me in committing what they call a crime - driving whilst under the influence of drugs? And also, that he didn't have anything negative to say about my driving. We struck up a conversation. I asked him if he really believed what he was doing was right, since we had not harmed anyone, and they had just come along and disturbed our peace. He just said, "Possession of marijuana is 'against the law'," not really answering my question. I then told him, feeling inspired, that everything happens for a reason. And, as it turned out, this was very true.

Upon arrival at the Station, each of us was taken to a cell. I was told to strip, so they could search me. The Policy-enforcer who searched me even asked me to pull my foreskin down, to make sure I wasn't hiding any marijuana there. I remember thinking, that even if I had hidden anything there, that should definitely be just my business, and not his/theirs. Besides feeling abused, I felt sorry for everyone else who is subjected to that indignation, now knowing how they must feel, and thinking that if this is what policemen are expected to do, perverts and bullies are bound to be attracted to that job. I also felt sorry for the Policy-enforcer doing the search, since he seemed a lot more embarrassed than I was. I felt like a slave without any rights, without any privacy, as if my body was their property, and I knew in my heart (and so did this Policy-enforcer whose guilt showed on his face) that what they were doing was a lot more evil than what I had done.

Then we were charged and released on bail to attend court at a later date. It was then that I was able to e-mail Muad/Dib, whom I had met previously, and He began to send me all the documents I needed to defend myself according to God's Law, the ONLY legal and binding laws on this planet. He also began to coach me, free of charge.

As I began to see the wisdom of what Muad'dib was saying, I thought of my acquaintance. Would he perhaps like to join me and defend ourselves according to God's Law? So I spoke to him, and invited him to join me. But this he rejected, instead seeking to persuade me to join him and his team of lawyers from the most 'prestigious' law-firm in our town. I declined his offer.

When we went to court the first time, I made it clear to them that under God's Laws, mankind is prohibited from legislating, and they basically got a good idea of what my defence (Muad'dib's really) was going to be. Then they adjourned.

And the second time we went, what happened was that my acquaintance was advised by his 'prestigious' lawyers to plead guilty and his lawyer/s gave a speech of how clean his track-record was etc., so that the 'judge' would take that into consideration. My acquaintance, upon pleading guilty, was given a six-month suspended sentence.

Then it was my turn. But the prosecution spoke, and said that they had decided to drop the charge against me. The 'judge' said I was free to go. It was then I remembered that I had spoken to another lawyer I knew, in the halls of the Court, before my case was heard, and he had told me, in a whisper, that there was going to be a private meeting prior to my appearing before the Court, where it would be decided what to do in "my case".

I realised then that the decision they had taken to drop the charge against me; even though it was the same charge my acquaintance had pleaded guilty to and received a suspended-sentence for; was because they did not want to allow me to use Muad'dib's defence in my trial, and for it to receive any publicity.

I began to feel really good about sticking with Muad'dib's defence, and turning down the offer from my acquaintance to be "defended" by his lawyer/s. But before leaving, I was inspired to speak up about something.

I told the 'judge', that if I was free to go, and the charge had been dropped, could I please have my marijuana back then?

The 'judge' tried to stifle a laugh and remain serious, turned to the prosecution lawyer, and asked him if they could return my marijuana. The prosecutor became nervous and said that this would not be possible, because it had been destroyed whilst testing it.

So the 'judge' turned back to me and said, "Sorry". But I wasn't finished there. I told him that if my property could not be returned to me, then that meant that the Policy-enforcers (policemen) were guilty of wrongful arrest, theft, and destruction of property.

And the 'judge' smiled and said, "You are free to attempt pressing charges if you like". At that point, my supporters in the Court began to cheer, and we all left with our heads held up high. My acquaintance, who had been advised to plead guilty, could not believe what had happened.

And all because of the rock-solid defence that Muad'dib has meticulously prepared to be used in any British (or British overseas) Court.

After exiting the Court, some of my friends who had attended the hearing, spoke to a reporter for a local paper, and told him what had happened. The reporter approached me and asked if it was true, that my charges had been withdrawn whereas the other accused person had received a six-month suspended sentence.

I said it was, and told him to go and confirm this in the Court. Later on we met again, and he said that he had been told at the Court, that I had received a six-month suspended sentence as well. I couldn't believe it for a moment, and asked him if they had shown him the transcript of the hearing. He said they hadn't. I then went again to the Court and asked for the transcript and was made to write out the reason I required it, so I wrote a letter to them and have never heard back from them.

I told the reporter that there were many witnesses inside the Court-room who heard the prosecution drop the charges, and the judge say I was free to go, including an army officer, so why didn't he go and talk to those people and ask them what really happened, but he just skeptically smiled at me, as if trying to get me to admit I was lying.

It was another instance of "great reporting" from the mainstream media. Where the reporter simply accepts one party's (the more socially empowered) side of the story without any proof whatsoever.

This is what these people are capable of doing. To lie and break their own rules when it suits them. And then they order people to tell nothing but the truth inside their Courts.

Approximately two and a half years later, in 2004, I received a Court summons for an alleged charge of "exceeding the speed limit". I ignored it. A few months later, still in 2004, I received another summons, saying basically "you better appear this time or else". I ignored that too.

It's now February 2007. They have never followed it up.

I don't wear the seat-belt in my car, because I prefer to trust in God for my protection, and I'll be damned if I'm going to pay a £100.00 fine for doing so. When I drive, I watch the road, not the speedometer. I believe that this is how to ensure driving safely AT ALL TIMES, and I have never injured anyone as a result, and therefore will keep doing so, God-willing. I also do not smoke marijuana anymore, but not because I now fear and obey men. The Truth, and (real & strong/tough) Love are better than any substance, whether artificial or natural.

The Sword * has risen and been picked up again. And the good thing is, we can use it too.

* www.myspace.com/jahtruth

Long Live The King. Down with Big Brother.

Danny Napoli. "

Gareth's Testimonials about Muad'Dib's bullet-proof defence:-

Dear Reader,

I hope this finds you well and in good spirit.

Please allow me the time to inform you of my own battle with the system that concerns the use of Muad'Dib's defense package. It is a battle that is still ongoing, so you will see how it unfolds in time.

A month ago now, this body's sister was giving birth at a hospital a few towns away. Compelled to show my support for her, I began my journey there by car. The baby had been delivered as I arrived, and for the next couple of hours me and the family kept mother and child company, until the hospital ward closed for the night.

On my car journey home that night I accidentally ran a red light. This, to the majority of brainwashed people, is an obvious "crime" and that being so, I should be punished for it. But wait a minute. If it is a "crime" where is the victim?

A few minutes prior to the "offense" I had carried-on at a traffic light junction, where I was supposed to turn left. The car behind (that was making the same journey) had given a headlight flash to show me I was in error, if I carried on. It was no problem turning around and getting back on route, but I wanted to make sure the other car I was traveling back with knew I was back on the right path. So, I was trying to catch up with the other car. I'm sure most drivers have been in a similar situation.

So now I'm onto the right road and not wanting to lose the car in front, because they knew the way and I didn't. I noticed the many speed cameras that I was warned about, the scores of cars all keeping the pin nicely resting just below 40mph. On coming is a set of traffic lights that had just turned amber, that I thought I had time to make it through without having to brake sharply, but they just turned red as I just crossed the line.


Just over a week later I am informed by post that the car I own was used to commit an "offense" (1.1 seconds into a red. 1.1 seconds!) And that I, or who ever was driving the car, had to admit to it and then receive punishment for the "crime".

I informed Muad'Dib what had happened and that I wanted to fight them using the only way possible for success. Father's way - The defense pack.

After my decision to fight, Muad'Dib went over the newly acquired defense pack with me.

This was kindly done so Muad'Dib would know that I knew and understood its contents and was able to apply it properly. Having studied it in depth, I am absolutely convinced it is bullet-proof and so decided to go ahead and use it to defend myself.

First I wasn't to admit to the "offense" (Admitting to it meant I believed I had committed a crime, when in fact I hadn't and didn't).

I sent them (THEY) back their letter not completed with a cover note attached merely stating that there is no case to answer as QE2 is not the legal Monarch and the legislation under which the case is being brought is fraudulent and unlawful and therefore null and void.

I have received a reply from the Camera Enforcement Office, stating falsely that through my "refusal" to name the driver, I, the registered Keeper may be convicted of refusing or failing to provide them information and could be robbed by them of my money and given added extra penalty points on my license.

This is a joke, as I have already said that I merely stated that there is no case to answer.

Now my case has been forwarded and is pending with the CPS for refusing/failing to supply driver information, which is a lie.

Muad'Dib is helping me every step of the way. He also wants to help the many thousands of victims of these fraudulent acts by the fraudulent Crown.

His help can only come to those who send off for the defense pack and the only chance of them sending for it, is if they know about it via the jforjustice leaflet that we need everyone to start helping to deliver, so everyone can use it to defend themselves too.

Deuteronomy 4:2 Ye shall not ADD unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish [ought] from it, that ye may keep the Commandments of the "I AM" your God which I COMMAND you.

Long live the Fighters,

Gareth Hoskins.

The police caught me driving without a seatbelt and sent me a charge of £100, so I asked Muad’Dib if he could help, which he agreed to do and told me to do exactly what he says.  

When it comes to going to court with The Challenge I had been before and lost, because I didn’t do exactly what he told me to do, but this time was different because I did do exactly what he told me to do, and because, in a strange turn of events, the head of the snake was seen by the British nation to also not follow their own rules, by not buckling up, and so you shouldn't, if you believe in God's protection. 

A court date was set, and reset again and again, and almost a year to the very day I was stopped, the magistrates dropped the case. 

Given the fact they too don't live by the rules they set for us, and if you want to win and are low IQ, like I am, you too will need help from God, because a lot of people fail at the first hurdle, or second. Someone like me who is a believer in God (the fact I drive without a seatbelt proves I am: the roads are more dangerous out there than they have ever been) His Laws and justice can’t take any credit, because there is a counter-case just waiting for someone to go the distance, and to bring down the New World Order in court. Someone with just an average IQ could expose them, by sticking to the facts that the police and courts swear allegiance to a fraudulent crown (go look now http://JforJustice.net/Challenge). It is no mystery, but it isn't taught anywhere except online, where more and more working-class people in Britain are seeking an answer, and once they all know that these victimless crime have ALL been enforced to bring in revenue and keep us poor, you too won't be able to sit still, and it won't be long until you get a chance to fight back. Muad’Dib doesn't mess around, and if you can prove to him you won't either, he will help you personally, but I still think the facts (fake stone, broken oath) speak for themselves and these facts came to light in my life via Muad’Dib anyway.  More and more people are rightly getting angry about being robbed by the state, Perhaps you like to fight. Most don't, but it is prescribed for us to (Sura 2:216).  

Courts move at a pace I don't really understand, and maybe someone who used to be a part of the fraud process/system, who can at least articulate a sentence properly, could really force the issue through, using the truth that the British Monarchy knows about us (English) but are hiding it.



Gareth Hoskins.